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27.07.2013 - 31.08.2013
The Open Contemporary Art Exchibition-Stockport-UK.
My painting:

“Queen Elizabeth II (part3)

Has been shortlisted in a competition
and is available to view at:

The Open Contemporary Art
Exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery,
from 27th July to 31st August 2013
07.10.2010 - 21.10.2010
FADPARTY Sovio Wine Label Design Competition -London-UK
From the hundreds of high quality designs and their creators for the (Californian) wine Sovio Competition.
Ten finalists had their artwork displayed on the gallery wall at Party/Exhibition this Thursday at the Neu Gallery on Redchurch Street in London :

I was lucky to have been amongst the selections and also exhibited in the London gallery (and their website):
01.11.2007 - 04.11.2007
Love Arts Manchester-UK
Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th November 2007
Love Arts Manchester,
The Exchange Hall, Manchester Central
(The new name for GMEX/MICC)
30.11.2006 - 03.12.2006
The Great Art Christmas Fair -London-UK.
Alexandra Palace, London,

28.09.2006 - 28.10.2006
The Attic Gallery- Bury-UK
The Attic Gallery
Unit 1 Back Rochdale Road
Bury - Manchester.
18.09.2006 - 15.10.2006
ARTY’S gallery- Manchester-UK.
ARTY’S gallery in the Chorlton Area of Manchester,
412 Wilbraham Road. Chorlton M21 0SD
03.10.2006 - 21.10.2006
Gora Gallery in Montreal - Canada
Gora Gallery in Montreal - Canada.
From: 03 to21 October 2006.
Gallery Gora is located in downtown Montreal at the heart of the cultural and business district.
279 Sherbrooke West, at the corner of Park Avenue and Bleury.
The Gallery is on the 2nd floor, dominating the corner of Park Avenue and Sherbrooke with its 35 windows. The building is centennial, and one of the rare buildings in Montreal to conserve it's original entry hall design.

22.11.2005 - 13.12.2005
New York- USA- Agora Gallery
'Natural Instincts'
The Agora Galleries are located at 415 West Broadway, New York, in the heart of the established ‘SoHo’ art district and at 530 West 25th Street in the hub of the art district in Chelsea, New York City.
Publications where my exhibition was advertised and listed:
Gallery Guide December & November 2005 issues

M magazine November 2005 issue
The ad came from Gallery and Studio Vol 8 No 2 (nov-dec 2005 issue)
Touring through UK
Visions of Science exhibition
Exhibition for my photograph ‘Boiling Water’
Two sets of the exhibitions touring the UK from October 2003 and throughout 2004.
07.08.2003 - 07.09.2003
Uber Bar - Manchester- UK
From the 14th of August 2003 for 07 September - my work (paintings) were shown as part of a joint exhibition with two other artists. The exhibition was held at the 78-80 Uber Bar, High Street, Manchester.
26.07.2001 - 29.07.2001
London-UK-The Artist and Illustrators show in Olympia
I was short-listed for the SAA International competition, the ‘Artist of the Year’ Awards 2001 and was one of the 25 finalists, in the following year’s competition. The picture was displayed at ‘The Artist and Illustrators’ show in Olympia, London 26th to 29th July 2001.
04.05.2000 - 06.05.2000
SAA International Art Exhibition in Aldershot & London-UK
My painting ‘Lifetime’ was short-listed for the SAA International competition, the ‘Artist of the Year’ Awards 2000 and was one from 29 paintings which were selected from over 3000 entries. This picture was then exhibited at the SAA International Art Exhibition in Aldershot 4th – 6th May 2000 and then again at the Artists & Illustrators exhibition in Olympia, London from 27th to 30th July 2000.

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