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This is not Goodbye, I'll See You Later...
Author: Maria Mucharska
Year created: 2010
Medium: Acrylic + (3D)mixed media
Size: 103 x 103 cm (with frame)
Theme: Life & Death
Status: For sale
No.150- Framed in quality, wooden frame under quality plexus glass.
This painting I am dedicating to my beloved dog: Starlet (Gwiazdeczka),
who passed away after nine and half years of her life on 26th of January 2010.
Registered Kennel Club Name: Born Under Bright Sky (AA3) born: 29.07.2000
In this piece you will see a small depiction of her life and her personality,
so you see all around her the nature, which she absolutely loved....,
on sunny days she would stay in the garden for ages, not wanting to come indoors,
laying in her favourite spot in a corner under a conifer, viewing the whole garden.
She loved all animals and protected the birds that lived in the nest boxes
and those that often flew in and visited for food. It is quite interesting how birds knew her,
by safely eating on the netting bridges above her head, jumping all round her......
Fluffy bears and footballs were her best and favourite toys...,
but about footballs is a separate and special story.....she absolutely loved them!
We have a corner house and garden and when kids played with a ball in the street,
Starlet was very excited and patiently waiting (barking occasionally),
for the ball, because from time to time, the kids kicked the ball too much
or too hard in the wrong direction and it landed in our garden......
That was absolute treasure for her! She was waiting a long time for this moment!
If I did not hear this, or the kids knocked at my door a few minutes too late,
sometimes there was not very much left of the ball. You imagine that ball in strong grip of a Rottweiler?
The kids knew her and quickly learned about the destiny of a ball which was landing when Starlet was in the garden,
so in the last years, it was very rare for such a treasure to land in front of my dog.....
We all loved and still do, this friendly, soft, happy and very intelligent dog and her passing
has left a very huge emotional hole in our hearts.
This piece it is not a fantasy or my imagination and depicts a record of a real event,
which really happened. Behind the painting I have attached a plastic envelope containing documents,
such as the vet bills. etc.. of ‘that event’ and they are now a part of this art.
My paintings, which are base on true stories, such as:
‘Twenty Past Two’,
‘This is not Goodbye, I'll See You Later... ‘,
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....they all have supporting documents/items and samples of DNA.

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Price: £ 1050   
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Maria Mucharska
Dec 2007
Commissioning for a person, animals or pets:

My commissioning work contains DNA and other items
(received from you for example: hairs, watch etc...)
and based on photograph receiving also from you.
Paintings also contain a brief story or history of their life until passing.
I think that is a very unique way to immortalise a person or animal,
to feel and keep them close to you. They will not only stay in your memory
or your heart but also provide a physical
and visual presence to comfort you.

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